Why Entrepreneurs?

I’ve worked in one of the worlds most highly regulated industries for 20 years. So how on earth have I found myself coaching entrepreneurs and women in business? The latter community will be part of a separate piece of writing to explain how that journey began.

I originally started my career in the nuclear industry on a six month temporary contract as a storekeeper. Having been told by my parents that if I wasn’t going into further education I needed to have a job in order to stay under their roof. No problem I thought at the tender age of 16, I’ll just get a job.

Finding work wasn’t a problem, I’d had my first job at the age of 12 (like many others born in the 80’s my first job was a paper round!), then came unloading stock from wagons at a local Spar after school. Shortly followed by working at a cash and carry, and then McDonalds. This was all whilst going to high school full time. Having decided not to go into further education, I soon found myself working as a barman during the weekends and a travel agent during the week.

Then came my big break, a temporary contract at the local nuclear power station. Although my father worked at the same power station, I had no idea what to expect, other than the usual thoughts brought about from watching the Simpsons. Coincidently my Mum is actually called Marj and my Dad has an uncanny resemblance to Homer. I had no idea that 20 years later I’d be a full time coach working with entrepreneurs and women in business.

After 18 months on a temporary contract the day came where I was offered a full time contract. Cutting a long story short, I spent the next 8 years climbing the ranks of the Supply Chain function whilst at the same time completing my professional qualification in Supply Chain Management. 10 years in and another opportunity came about at the organisations head office. This is where I spent the next 10 years holding a more strategic role. During this time I was fortunate enough to participate in a variety of leadership training and also complete my Coaching Qualification.

So why do I now focus my efforts as a coach working with entrepreneurs? During 2018 I came across a TED Talk by Chip Conley, during which Chip explains the concept of a wisdom worker. I immediately connected with the philosophy of being able to support entrepreneurs having spent a significant amount of time working at both an operational and strategic level within a large global business.

As a coach it’s not my role to advise people what to do, what I offer entrepreneurs is 20 years of business wisdom, having started at the bottom sweeping floors to eventually supporting the business develop longer term strategies. Successful entrepreneurs have a fire and passion for creating something special, they see the world differently and I love being around that energy. What they may not have is the benefit of is extensive experience in business. This is what I offer.

They have the ability to be agile and introduce change quickly, they can see something one day and introduce it the next. They can keep up with the pace of the market, unlike many large organisations that have to take time to introduce change. However, they may not always be able to see or take advantage of the learning that comes with being in business for a few decades.

Having also taken the big leap to become self employed, I now find myself in the category of being an entrepreneur. So what better group of people to serve. I not only get to share my knowledge, experiences and wisdom, I also learn from being around some incredible individuals. I’m inspired and humbled to work with people who don’t put limits or boundaries in the way of their dreams.