Jo Walley

Leadership Coach

Adam and I have known each other for a few years now, I decided to reach out to him towards the end of 2019 as I was in a place where I had a scarcity mindset in relation to my finances. I’m self-employed so when my business isn’t doing well, that has an impact on my personal finances too.

I’d got to a stage where I was worried about my savings being used up and no more money coming in. I was going through a transitional phase with my work and had loads of ideas but wasn’t sure which to focus on. I tried implementing a few of my ideas but I didn’t focus fully on any of them and didn’t really give them the chance of success.


During the time Adam and I worked together I’ve successfully run my first group coaching programme (and loved it!), and launched my online TRUE Leaders Community which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years now. My finances are much more healthy and I’ve developed new techniques which I use to help keep me on track.

The main insights for me which made the difference were to slow down and focus my energy on just one thing for a set period of time, and to look ahead to plan out how much time and energy I can commit to new ideas (some months I have a lot of work for other clients so won’t have much capacity, whilst other months I am much quieter and can dedicate more time to business development).

The other thing which helped me was questioning some of my assumptions about people and what support they might want and when. I no longer wait for the “perfect time” as my assumption about that isn’t accurate and there may be some people who would benefit from my support right now.

Adams coaching helped me move from a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance. I’d recommend coaching from Adam if you’re someone who already has some ideas and would like the time and space to identify which plans to implement and how.

I had no doubts before I sent my payment to Adam, by the time we discussed money I was already committed. I had some doubt before contacting Adam, but that was mostly a fear of investing in myself and concern about it impacting our current relationship.

I knew I could talk to Adam about anything and wouldn’t hold back for fear of judgement. I also knew Adam would gently challenge me and hold me accountable. Whenever I commit to something and tell you I’m going to do it, I do it! We’ve worked together before and grown together as coaches – for this I wanted to use a coach who I respect and see as a peer.

Learn. Develop. Grow


Vic Holbrook

Senior Consultant

Before meeting Adam life was very good, but I felt that I was playing it too safe and not being brave enough. I felt that I would need to be bolder if I was going to make strides towards my dreams. I had got to the point where I had run out of excuses. The only thing standing in the way of going for it…was me. Left to my own devices I found it difficult to push through the fear or get motivated to go after the things I really wanted.

Since working with you people have noticed a difference in me. I have more energy and my mood is very buoyant. There have been so many 'wins' from introducing myself to strangers, enjoying attending a conference, stepping up at work and getting my first freelance gig...they keep on coming!

Without a doubt the best results have come from identifying my limiting beliefs and recognising that most of them no longer serve me. I am now taking action and making steps towards changing them based on the hard evidence I actually have, not some notion in my head! Being aware of when I am "upper limiting" and being able to push through the fear. Realising that there is nothing bad on the other side of the fear.

I'd recommend having you as a coach for anyone who has that niggling feeling that they are not living up to their full potential. Anyone who feels that they are being held back by their own fear or self doubt. Anyone who feels that they are stuck and they need some support to get under way. I think I've described my experience of life coaching as 'the process of setting myself free'.

I did hesitate just before signing up to work with you. I was concerned about my ability to commit to making the changes (the ones I said I wanted!). It is an investment of time and money, but more than that I knew I had to be willing to give it my all, challenge myself and maybe face a few demons! Asking for help and making a commitment to take action to change things in your life is a big step in and of itself.

I had witnessed the positive impact of your work on my colleague who you were coaching at the time, so I knew great things could come of being coached from you. I just decided to take a leap of faith. It's been an absolute blast! Thank you so much for your support over the last six months.

Life. Beyond. Limits

Rebekka Gill

Lettings Manager

I wasn’t fully sure what a Life Coach was before having my sessions with Adam, I didn’t really know what to expect or know what I would gain from it. I was at a bit of a loss in my life and not really sure what direction I was wanting to go in. A friend of mine recommended that I try a Life Coach, with never even hearing of this before I was a bit nervous which was something that I didn’t need to be.

On my first session I wasn’t even sure exactly what I wanted to achieve, but with Adams coaching I identified areas I realised I wanted to focus on and developed a robust plan to take me forward. Each and every session after that provided me with dedicated time and space to focus and reflect on what I really wanted to achieve in my life and what actions I needed to take to get there.

Having Adam as a life coach has changed my life, I now look at life from a completely different perspective. Adam has been amazing, he is very approachable and makes you feel at ease. His knowledge and professionalism is impeccable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone. Even if you don’t feel you need help with anything in life. What’s the harm in trying to improve yourself as a person. It’s definitely one of the best investments I’ve made.


Life. Beyond. Limits


Gina Morrell

Leadership coach

When I first met Adam my biggest struggle was motivation, and feeling confident that I had the skills to be a great coach and have a future as one. As a result of Adams coaching I am now a fully qualified coach, feel confident and excited about reaching out to potential clients to tell them what an amazing coaching conversation could do for them, and also I have the courage to Just Do It!

Thanks to Adams ability to read and understand me he was able to know how much to challenge me and how far to gently nudge. Coach to coach, the way he lead each session was perfect; starting with some breathing, grounding exercises so that we were both present, reviewing actions from last time, then asking how best he could serve me. Each session Adam encouraged me to think outside of the box, and sometimes my comfort zone, but that's where the magic happens, right?! 

I wouldn't hesitate recommending Adam to anyone in the same place, so that they too can feel excited about what's next and confident that whatever it is, they can do it.

True. Human. Potential

Cath Fishlock

Senior Commercial Supply Chain Professional

Adam is simply an incredible person to work with, he brings his A game to every single session. Along with his passion for coaching and his genuine desire to help me succeed in achieving MY goals. Adam is focussed, dedicated and passionate about MY results, and supports me in meeting every challenge I face with professionalism and infectious enthusiasm. I have never left a coaching session the same person as when I went in!!

I have worked with Adam for 10 months now, with the initial sessions exploring and taking actions towards what I really want to achieve in multiple areas of my life. Adam has helped me get clarity, provided accountability and been an enabler  to courageously drive forward and make some profound changes in my life. Adam believes in ME, as I’m sure he does with every client, this is unique and means a lot to me.

Life is constantly changing and like everyone I have a story, but my story simply isn’t over yet and it keeps changing which is why I am delighted that Adam is ‘My Coach for Life’.


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