Mission Impossible Group Coaching Program

Why have I created this program?

I’m passionate about supporting individuals explore, develop and grow. What better way to do this than to create a program based on an impossible mission. It could be to write a book, generate “X” £’s sales turnover, create “X” number of new clients.

The underlying concept of this program is something that I’ve seen successfully used by several individuals. I genuinely believe that with dedicated focus, time, effort and a passion to take action, impossible things can happen for all of us.

What is the Mission Impossible Group Coaching Program?

It’s a 90 Day Group Coaching Program designed around an impossible idea.

It starts by creating an idea that seems impossible for the individual. For example this may be; changing career, writing a book, inventing something new, or selling a product or service for the first time.

Each of us have dreams or goals we perceive to be impossible. However, many of us haven’t actually challenged ourselves, focused our energy, time and effort in order to achieve that dream or goal. This is that opportunity!

How would you feel if in 90 days time you have achieved or were closer to achieving something you had perceived to be impossible?

What is Group Coaching?

This is specifically designed to be a small group, to keep focused and the momentum of progress moving consistently towards your impossible idea.

Group coaching provides a unique experience as each and every session will provide a wealth of learning and opportunities to grow. The basic structure of the call will always be the same but the content and how each individual will turn up will vary every call.

Group Coaching has multiple benefits such as,

  • Meeting and being connected to like-minded individuals
  • Having support of others within the group as you progress through your journey
  • A genuine understanding that you’re not alone and others are experiencing similar issues and challenges
  • Learning from others peoples ideas and experience whilst also seeing things from a variety of different perspectives
  • Working in a group setting like this allows you to grow and develop as an individual
  • As part of a group you will have a unique view of being coached whilst at the same time learning from watching others being coached
  • A regular dedicated time and space just for you to focus on you!

Who is this for

  • Action takers looking to push themselves to see what they could achieve in 90 days
  • Anyone who knows they have something to create or bring into to the world but have yet to find the right opportunity or means to make it happen
  • Individuals willing to focus on one impossible idea that if achieved could change their entire life
  • Those looking to grow and develop regardless of the outcome. It’s about who you become along the way and what you can create when you focus solely on one idea for just 90 days
  • Individuals comfortable to be challenged, open to being vulnerable, who want to share and support others as part of the journey whilst at the same time having fun!
  • Anyone looking to explore, develop and grow whilst learning more about themselves throughout the program

This isn’t for

  • Those wanting to experience a slower paced coaching program
  • Individuals who are not ready to step into their fears and known challenges
  • Those wanting to be mentored to achieve an outcome
  • Anyone not willing to be part of a close working group looking to support each other

How will it work

  • The group will consist of 3 individuals
  • 3 x 90 minute coaching calls a month hosted via Zoom
  • During each call, all or some of the participants will be coached by me
  • Support between calls via a private Facebook group
  • Materials and resources to support your journey will be provided

How much will it cost?

£1000 in full or £1200 paid in 3 instalments of £400


About Me

My love for coaching actually started about 10 years ago whilst on a Leadership course. At which point I assumed only CEO’s and Executives had coaches, and if I’m honest didn’t really know what coaching was.

Fast forward to June 2019 and I left my 20 year corporate career to become a full time self employed coach. I work with individuals looking to get out of their own way in order to improve confidence and self-belief.

My passion for personal development and growth has been a constant for the past 10 years alongside developing my skills and experience as a coach. I’m a self confessed personal development junkie and take great pride in not just having the knowledge but also demonstrating what I know, not just talking about it!


If it does then feel free to get in touch. The first thing we will do is meet to ensure we are a good fit for each other, and that this program is the right one for you.

Next Steps

Signing up to this program is an investment in yourself and your own personal growth. It’s a commitment to take the actions you chose in order to create the life you want. If you’re ready to step into that space then get in touch.

Enrolment for this program is underway and will take place throughout March with the group starting on a mutually agreeable date early April. Call dates and times will be mutually agreed with all participants once the group has been confirmed.

This cohort is fully subscribed for future dates follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn.