What I’ve learnt from being married to a MIB(A)

About 4 years ago my wife (Hayley) was made redundant whilst we were awaiting the arrival of our second son Myles. At the time this seemed pretty surreal to be happening and in some ways just felt plain wrong with the timing, it has been the best thing to have happened for both of us. In the months that followed … Read More

Making shit up!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the shit we make up when we have missing bits of information about a particular situation and the impact that can have on our emotions, general well being and our ability to progress on areas we want to focus on. We all do this by the way, it’s part of the way the … Read More

Why Entrepreneurs?

I’ve worked in one of the worlds most highly regulated industries for 20 years. So how on earth have I found myself coaching entrepreneurs and women in business? The latter community will be part of a separate piece of writing to explain how that journey began. I originally started my career in the nuclear industry on a six month temporary … Read More